HPHA plans to create 10,000 affordable housing units

Through a public-private partnership, the HPHA envisions 10,000 new, affordable housing units through re-development on state-owned land across Hawaiʻi.
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Sample redevelopment plan from a current project with Kuhio Park Terrace, Phase 3

The HPHA has a new plan to oversee the creation of 10,000 new affordable housing units across the state. The project, called Ka Lei Momi (The Pearl Garland), plans to redevelop existing state-owned properties on Oʻahu, Kauaʻi, Maui, and Hawaiʻi. 

The HPHA’s proposed ground-up redevelopment of existing properties includes getting invaluable input from current and future residents and community members, allowing HPHA to deliver high quality, comfortable, and truly welcoming housing. Part of HPHA’s aim throughout the redevelopment project is to energize and connect communities. This includes using redevelopment as an opportunity to incorporate more recreational and green spaces in affordable housing, encourage more walking and biking, reduce urban sprawl and, provide more support services for residents. 

Importantly, each new unit will be incorporated into a mixed-income, mixed-use community that also includes a one-for-one replacement of any existing public housing units. This means, as HPHA director Hakim Ounsafi says, “Your neighbor could be a professor, your neighbor could be a dishwasher, a housekeeper, a police officer.” Reducing poverty-concentration statewide is a major component of the 10,000-unit vision, empowering low-income households through easier access to better schools, healthcare, and job opportunities.

Proposed redevelopments would take place in phases across numerous properties, which include four projects in the Honolulu metro area of Oʻahu strategically situated along the proposed rail line, one property in Waianae, and one project in Hilo, Wailuku, and Kapaʻa respectively. 

What’s Next? 

Currently, HPHA has a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) out and is in the process of reviewing proposals from potential developers. 

Mayor Wright Homes in Honolulu is the first property slated for redevelopment. HPHA plans to increase the current 364 public housing units here to nearly 2,500 units, including space for commercial businesses. 

With zoning and entitlement approval already in-hand for 1,500 units, and environmental clearance for 2,500 more, additional properties will be approached in phases, pending ongoing funding. 


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